Hiii its me Zakuro :o

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Hiii its me Zakuro :o

Post  Zakuro Fujiwara on Wed May 15, 2013 6:14 pm

noes Hi!My name is Jasmine and im 17 years old.I live in Boca Raton FL and speak 2 languages (English and Hungarian).I love singing and people say im good at singing.Even though its been my dream to become a pro singer,ive stayed shy all this time.Ive been thinking about making a YT channel and just sing xD.But yeah...anyway

Im really bad at these intros so im sorry if this is sucky xD.My favorite colors are black,blue,red,and purple.Uhm im new here so yeah xD.And ummm I guess thats all I have too say.OH I almost forgot,I love animes and vocaloids,and horses and everything and people and blah blah blah.Yeah I ran outta things to say xD.Cya <33

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Zakuro Fujiwara
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