I Lawled...kinda...

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I Lawled...kinda...

Post  EveeFox on Fri Feb 10, 2012 2:47 am

note 1 Hai Guys tail note 2 :3 mah name is Eveefox, but you can call me by 2349829034 other names
lets stick with Trin, Evee, miss fox, Trin-chan or w/e little nickname you wanna come up with
(somehow that sounds dirty >.<) moonface ANYWHOOOO

I'm pretty random and pop up in things randomly but I've been wanting to try out some singing since my voice matches japanese-esc type singing and I'm trying to built up my vocal awesomeness AND I DON'T MEAN TO BOAST but i was in one of the top choirs, still need to work on my voice though. I currently got a new microphone too which is why i wanted to try out this singing thingyy...plus you guys all seem really awesome! yesh

I love anime obviously and am a hardcore cosplayer, i also like to stalk forums at night (currently 10:44 pm) IM A NINJA KAY? /shot

red star purple star note 1 note 2 red star

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Re: I Lawled...kinda...

Post  WhiteSakura on Fri Feb 10, 2012 1:06 pm

Hiiii!~ 8D Nice to meet you!
I'm pretty sure I'll end up calling you Eevee because you remind me of that pokémon. *runs away*

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