Have fun trying to read my strangeness (o w o)b

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Have fun trying to read my strangeness (o w o)b

Post  Hanamitan on Mon Mar 26, 2012 7:56 pm

Eheheheh~ I actually really suck at writing this stuff! XD

Hi! Um...you can call me Hanami~ My youtube channel is LinSuzune ---> https://www.youtube.com/user/LinSuzune
Eheheh~ My alias was originally 'Lin' but due to it being too common a name, I changed it so you can try to call me Hanami but most still call me Lin Razz

I'm 16, turning 17 on May 30 and I've been able to sing for as long as I can remember but only took it really seriously when I started listening to Kpop around 2 and a half years ago, maybe 3 years. I've always loved how strong kpop singers' voices were and from then I strived to sing better and stronger, but alas, my voice is still trying to reach that strongness. yesh

My microphone is a lame excuse and is only a webcam because I'm poor (jokes) and/or sometimes a rockband mic if I can't find my webcam. I use my webcam mic more because it's quality sounds better aside from slight puffs from my breathing //shot

I lalalalaLOVE to draw but I lack a tablet so I must edit all my cruddy pics on paint tool SAI with a mouse. It's painstakingly hard. cries my cruddy drawings of crud D': http://nagatohanami.deviantart.com/

And if you haven't noticed, I also enjoy rambling on and telling you pointless stuff that most people don't care about. Like how I should be making a Chemistry study sheet, but I'm bored and will do that after this yesh

What else...um...I love Vocaloid? But I guess that's a no brainer, eh? I'm also a video game nerd and um...I forgot what I was about to say sadface sad faaaaaace noes

Eheheheh I LOVE emoticons!!! yesh

Yesh I rambles!! lmoa, I think I'm done rambling nao <3

Please take care of me! Very Happy

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