The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Post  Kicchan on Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:07 am

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (時をかける少女, Toki o Kakeru Shōjo?) is a 2006 Japanese animated science fiction film. The film focuses on a high school girl who inadvertently gains the power to travel through time and begins using it frivolously to fix problems. It was produced by the animation studio Madhouse and directed by Mamoru Hosoda.

It is inspired by, and is a pseudo-sequel to, the 1976 novel Toki o Kakeru Shōjo by Yasutaka Tsutsui. Critical response to The Girl Who Leapt Through Time was very positive, and it won numerous awards, including the Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year.


I really love this anime <3 I have no regret about buy it. You have to watch it !!! REAALLLY !!

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